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Michael Kors Smartwatch + correa beige (cuero) - techno305


Michael Kors Smartwatch + correa beige (cuero)


  • Powered by Android Wear. Compatible with iPhone and Android devices.
  • Technology meets style with our Michael Kors Access Collection. Fully personalize your watch by selecting or customizing the watch face of your choice and changing out the straps to match your activity or look.
  • Stay connected with display notifications including texts, calls, emails, and keep track of your fitness goals by tracking your sleep, steps, and calories.
  • With countless options, your watch face and strap adapt to any and all occasions on your calendar.
  • Oversized
  • If there are any connectivity issues kindly re-install the app. Regarding compatibility with IOS, there is only 1 feature that is different from Android and that is the voice command.


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